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Analytics Dispatch 7/18/2016

Half a decade of drought

The Data Driven Daily
This relatively new newsletter provides definitions of business KPIs, how to calculate them for your business. This week they're covering how to determine the size of your potential customer market. The archive is well worth perusing; past segments include revenue calculation and pricing strategy. - Outlier

Five Years of Drought
A stunning visual exploration of five year's worth of data on U.S. drought—and a peek into the process of mapmaking. - Adventures in Mapping

[VIDEO] FiveThirtyEight's data journalism workflow with R
FiveThirtyEight's quantitative editor shares the analytical process behind some of their publication's most popular articles. - useR!

How are disco and post-punk music related? Where did dubstep even come from? This interactive network visualization traces the genealogy and history of popular music genres since 1880. Make sure to zoom in—there's a lot to explore here.
- Musicmap

New at Mode

Check out the all-new Mode Example Gallery, a collection of customizations analysts have made to tables, charts, and reports in Mode. Learn how to build data presentations using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

And for you Heap Analytics users out there, Mode now integrates with Heap, so you can analyze raw retroactive events data in SQL.

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