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Analytics Dispatch 6/27/2016

Brexit breakdowns

One year as a Data Scientist at Stack Overflow
The chronicle of one data scientist's transition from academia to the tech industry, combined with a peek into Stack Overflow's machine learning and data infrastructure projects. - David Robinson

Using Data Science to Win in Fantasy Football
Many people rely on player rankings to draft their fantasy football teams, but such rankings can't tell you how much better one player is than another. Instead, dividing players into tiers based on projected scores may be the way to go. - Huey Kwik

When you will most likely hit your creative peak
An analysis of the ages at which hundreds of painters, writers, and classical composers created their most "valuable" works. - Wonkblog

Building a data science portfolio
Much like writers and designers, data scientists are now expected to provide portfolios when they apply for jobs. Here's what you need to know to get started. - Dataquest

People are talking about: Brexit

Last week U.K. citizens voted to leave the European Union, and the fallout was massive: Prime Minister David Cameron resigned and markets dropped worldwide. Many people were shocked by the outcome, despite the fact that polls showed “Leave” and “Remain” as dead even the day before the vote. There are plenty of of analyses and thought pieces to dig into:

New from Mode

You can now use Plotly in Mode Python Notebooks to make interactive charts. Wanna see some examples? Our customer success analyst visualized customer service metrics using Plotly's 3D charts.

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