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Analytics Dispatch 5/9/2016

Beyond 'The Touchscreen Generation'

This Is How You Build Products for the New Generation of 'Data Natives'
We've grown used to the idea of digital natives—the toddler who expects everything to be a touchscreen and pinches and swipes her fingers on TVs and magazines. But data natives are something different: they expect “their world to not just be digital, but to be smart and to adjust immediately to their taste and habits." Monica Rogatti, former VP of Data at Jawbone, shares ideas for harnessing data to build products for these new consumers. - First Round Review

Modern Pandas
This tutorial is great for experienced Python users looking to stay sharp on pandas. One Twitter user summed it up perfectly as “the abbreviated Strunk & White of data analysis.” - Tom Augspurger

How Kalman Filters Work, Part 1
This article unpacks different filtering algorithms in an incredibly intuitive way. It's a long read, but you'll come away having learned a ton (did you know that NASA used Kalman filters to help Apollo spacecraft navigate to the moon?). - An Uncommon Lab

When newsrooms don’t own their data, other companies profit
Companies like Foursquare have proven that there's power in building proprietary datatsets. And that raises the question: how might news publishers aggregate information to create enterprise data models of their own? - Poynter

People are talking about: unpopular politicians

If you're agitated by the U.S. presidential primaries, you're not alone. According to the data, Americans' frustrations with certain presidential primary candidates have reached fever pitch.

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