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Analytics Dispatch 5/2/2016

Foursquare the prophet

Hot property: How Zillow became the real estate data hub
Zillow is a real estate powerhouse, and one of their biggest competitive advantages is their massive dataset of property listings. The most interesting part of this article goes into how their data science team brings together messy data from disparate sources to create one coherent super-dataset. - InfoWorld

Who's downloading pirated papers? Everyone
A fascinating analysis of piracy in the academic publishing industry using download data from Sci-Hub, a site that provides free access to paywalled academic papers. - Science

The Data Visualisation Catalogue
What's the best way to visualize this distribution? Or that range of data? Sometimes the answer isn't so clear. This comprehensive collection of data visualizations will help you find the right method for your needs. Select the function you're trying to achieve, and (BAM!) you've got a list of charts to choose from. - The Data Visualisation Catalogue

SQL Joins Visualizer
Many a learner has embarked on the quest to learn SQL, only to be thwarted by the task of mastering joins. Never again. Click the type of join you want to execute and this site will generate the right code. - SQL Joins Visualizer

Spreadsheet Thinking vs. Database Thinking This a great read for anyone who's new to working with relational databases. - EagerEyes

People are talking about: Foursquare's predictive power

Last week Chipotle reported a 30% decline in sales that surprised most investors. You know who did see it coming? Foursquare.

In a post earlier this month, Foursquare's CEO used foot traffic data to predict Chipotle's dip (and we're not talking salsa). This isn't the first time Foursquare has correctly predicted public company earnings, but this latest prediction has led to some talk about the value of building massive, proprietary datasets.

What's goin' on at Mode

Retention is the quiet force behind your product's growth, but it can be tough nut to crack. This list of resources will help you get started.

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