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Analytics Dispatch 4/25/2016

Googling 'Game of Thrones'

An Introduction to Inference
A good first step for those who work with data frequently and want to learn more about Bayesian statistical methods. From the author: “It will be a bit mathy, but nothing beyond kahn-level probability.” - Vincent D. Warmerdam

The Need for Openness in Data Journalism
What would it look like if data journalism borrowed the scientific practices of sharing research and reviewing findings? Here's a peek, using a FiveThirtyEight article as the example. - Brian Keegan

10+2 Data Science Methods that Every Data Scientist Should Know in 2016
Forgive the click-baity title. This is actually a really well-done roundup of the statistical and machine learning methods data scientists use daily, with Python and R scripts for each. - Takashi J. Ozaki

People are talking about: Game of Thrones

Still reeling from last night's episode? Dig into the data of Game of Thrones deaths, betrayals, and Google searches. Careful though, these links are dark and full of spoilers.

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