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Analytics Dispatch 4/18/2016

Kobe's last shot

Building Thumbtack's data Infrastructure
In this post, Thumbtack data engineer Nate Kupp sheds light on the company's process for evaluating tools to add to their tech stack. It's a goldmine for startups contemplating how to build a sustainable data infrastructure. - Thumbtack Engineering

The dark side of Guardian comments
To investigate the global rise of online harassment, The Guardian commissioned an analysis of the 70 million comments left on their site since 2006. This is a great example of how you can combine data and anecdotes to create a powerful story. - The Guardian

The Art and Science of Storytelling Through Data at Jawbone
Analysis can be worthless if it's not communicated well. Jawbone data scientist Kirstin Aschbacher shares how she develops a data story that inspires action, from concept to presentation. - Insight Data Science

All the 'Six Questions with...'
Interviews with 15 data viz experts. All in one place. Get readin'. - Visualising Data

The Purpose of Platforms in Data Science
How do you scale your data science org without hiring more people? Optimize for technical efficiency. In Uber's case, that means data engineers building self-serve platforms to address specific problems in data scientists' workflows. - Medium

People are talking about: the NBA

Last week was Kobe Bryant's final game and the beginning of the first round of this season's playoffs. Time for some ballin' visualizations.

What's goin' on at Mode

Now you can add and edit charts straight from Mode's Report Builder. Check it out!

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