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Analytics Dispatch 4/4/2016

Mathematics is coming

This is the difference between statistics and data science
Another blog post trying to define data science? We know. We know. BUT! This one presents an interesting angle: the difference between a data scientist and a statistician comes down to product knowledge. - Mixpanel

Network of Thrones
Find yourself muttering "valar morghulis" in anticipation of April 24th? Check out this intricate relationship map of Game of Thrones characters. It just might be enough to tide you over until the Season 6 premiere. Maybe. - Mathematical Association of America

[PODCAST] Riley Newman on Data Science for Startups
In this interview, Airbnb's head data scientist Riley Newman talks about building a strong data culture, balancing technical skills with storytelling ability, and scaling data science at a high-growth startup. - Intercom

How to Find Correlative Metrics For Conversion Optimization
A thorough walk-through of how to find correlative metrics and leverage them for conversion. It's jam-packed with examples and advice from experts, plus a handy list of tools. - ConversionXL

Building a high-throughput data science machine
Scaling is a problem every data science team faces. How do you go from one nomadic analyst roaming between departments to a structured team? The answer is a little different for every company, but this interview introduces some best practices to keep in mind. - O'Reilly

People are talking about: Strata + Hadoop World

The first Strata + Hadoop World Conference of 2016 was held last week in Silicon Valley. If you missed it, here are a bunch of the speaker slides and videos.

What's goin' on at Mode

We've been busy! Here's what's up:

  • What does the next generation of software stacks look like? Find out in this analysis using data from Stackshare's brand new API.
  • For analysts looking to get up to speed on Salesforce CRM data, this eBook provides a ton of context and a set of starter queries.
  • Check out these 3 tips for getting the sales org to trust your analyses.
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