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Analytics Dispatch 3/7/2016

Pointers from Steph

The Little of Visualisation Design
Whether it's the positioning of labels or the placement of the y-axis, the smallest detail can make or break a visualization. In this new, bite-size series, data visualization specialist Andy Kirk evaluates the effectiveness of charts found in the real world. - Visualising Data

A Visual Look at 2 Million Chess Games
King's pawn to E4. If that's your go-to opening chess move, you're amongst the majority. Chess fan or not, this analysis is worth the read for it's detailed commentary and impressive visuals. - Thinking Through the Party

The Role of Statistical Significance in Growth Experiments
When you run an experiment, you're looking for statistically significant results. But if you're running growth experiments on a product—iterating quickly to optimize—the standard rules of statistical significance may not apply. - Medium

How Stephen Curry broke his own 3-point record
Golden State Warriors legend Stephen Curry just can't stop breaking records, and he hasn't slowed down all season. Dig into the numbers behind his rise to the top of the NBA leaderboard. - ESPN

People are talking about: The 88th Academy Awards

Thank goodness Leo finally got his Oscar. Awards season may be over, but we couldn't help sharing these star-studded analyses.

What's goin' on at Mode

We kicked off a new series on the blog called “Ask the Analyst” and released a long-awaited, highly-anticipated feature to Mode users—email sharing! Come on over and start your free trial.

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