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Analytics Dispatch 2/21/2016

Do the math

If Facebook were a pollster, who'd be predicted to win the primaries? Plus BuzzFeed analytics, data journalism hurdles, Supreme Court statistics, and more.

Data scientists mostly just do arithmetic and that’s a good thing
A vast majority of the time, businesses don't need machine learning to solve their problems. They need accurate, actionable data and people who consider context, know basic math, write SQL, and understand what makes businesses tick. - Signal v. Noise

Why data journalism tries, and fails, to go global
With the success of data blogs like The Upshot and data publications like FiveThirtyEight, it feels like data journalism is making a big impact. But in countries where data journalism could do the most good, there are obstacles that bootcamps and hackathons can't overcome. - Sunlight Foundation

What BuzzFeed's Dao Nguyen Knows About Data, Intuition, And The Future Of Media
This entire article is worth reading, but skip to the middle for the real gem—publisher Dao Nguyen's holistic philosophy on data at BuzzFeed: “[Y]ou can't only use comments, you can't only use data, you can't only use anything. You can't only use your own intuition, either. It has to be all of those things you use.” - Fast Company

Highly Effective Data Science Teams
To do great data science work, you need more that a huge heap of data. This article offers 14 criteria for assessing your team's effectiveness. - Drew Harry of

The Facebook Primary
Facebook likes aren't votes, but if they were, Carson and Sanders would have their primary opponents beat. - FiveThirtyEight

People are talking about: Supreme Court nominations

The recent death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has resulted in a massive squabble between Democrats and Republicans over who should get to nominate the next justice—Obama or his successor. While the parties vie for control, let's consult the data.

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