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Analytics Dispatch 2/14/2016

A solar system of 'Tainted Love'

This week we bring you startup metrics, data science TED talks, naming conventions, and Python style guides.

The Art of Naming Things
Nothing's worse than when you open a new dataset only to find it's full of indecipherable labels. This two-part article provides suggestions to keep your naming convention consistent, concise, and informative while preventing data loss and a whole lot of headaches. - Penn State

Galaxy of Covers
Ever wonder which artists have covered Leonard Cohen's “Hallelujah”? Wonder no more. This interactive website visualizes each of the 50 most popular cover songs as its own planetary system, with the original song as the sun and the covers as planets in orbit. It's a galaxy worth exploring. - Interactive Things

Top 10 TED Talks for the Data Scientists
Need something to do on your morning commute? Pop in your headphones and listen to one of these TED talks, which run the gamut from global population growth to online dating hacks. - KDnuggets

Which States Trump, Cruz and Rubio Need to Win
The presidential primary race isn't a sprint—it's a marathon. This article shows where Trump, Rubio, and Cruz have openings in the primary calendar and what they'll need to do next if they survive Super Tuesday. - The Upshot

Diligence at Social Capital, Epilogue: Introducing the 8-ball and “GAAP for Startups”
Figuring out what metrics to present to investors can be a struggle for startups. That's because there's really no standardized metrics or reporting in the startup world. Venture capital firm Social Capital is hoping to change that with their tool for gauging product-market fit at early stage companies. Plug in your own data and give it a whirl. - Jonathan Hsu

People are talking about: Python style

Clean code makes everybody happy. These guides go beyond PEP 0008 with recommendations for better organization, avoiding feature creep, and more.

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