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Analytics Dispatch 2/6/2016

Mind the map gap

Central Africa's dearth of data, the continued ethics conversation, correlations, alternatives to open data portals, and data viz empathy.

Let’s Move Beyond Open Data Portals
Open data portals have been integral to making government more transparent. So why is a man who spent much of his career opening data now arguing that we should abandon open data portals altogether? - Abhi Nemani

Why is Central Africa missing from so many maps?
The answer to this question signals a problem much larger than incomplete cartography: inaccurate and missing data might be what's holding us back from solving some of Central Africa's most urgent problems. - Quartz

The Ethical Data Scientist
Even though the ethics of data science have been bubbling up in conversation lately, we don't talk about them nearly as much as we should. Why is that? And how can we go about fixing it? - Slate

[GAME] Guess the Correlation
How good are you at gauging the correlation between two variables in a scatter plot? Find out! - Omar Wagih

A menagerie of messed up data analyses and how to avoid them
Don't let mistakes botch your analyses. This post outlines six examples and offers advice for taking proactive measures against them. - Simply Statistics

Dataset of the week

Zika Data Guide
It's surprisingly hard to find data on the Zika virus outbreak. That's why Buzzfeed's Jeremy Singer-Vine put together a collection of links to of Zika datasets for people to contribute to and use for reference.

People are talking about: data viz empathy

In January, Responsible Data Forum held an event on visualization, which led to a lot of discussion about the role of empathy in data viz.

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