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Analytics Dispatch 1/25/2016

13 years after Moneyball

The surprising value of holiday shoppers, baseball bureaucracy, DAU, visualizing the refugee crisis, and rethinking how we do science.

[PODCAST] The Experiment Experiment
When psychologist Brian Nosek tried to reproduce the results of 100 studies published in the top peer-reviewed scientific journals, only 39 could be replicated. Might the scientific community have an unconscious bias toward publishing positive results? Find out. - Planet Money

The State of Analytics Within MLB
A fascinating look at the effect baseball analytics has on how front offices operate, including where analysts sit within the organization, how their specializations have developed, and the evolving relationship between scouts and analysts. - FanGraphs Baseball

The Ecommerce Holiday Customer Benchmark
Those new customers from the holiday season are more valuable than you thought. So when should you engage these shoppers to turn them into repeat customers?
- RJMetrics

You're Measuring Daily Active Users Wrong
A high number of daily active users (DAU) may sound impressive, but does it actually mean anything? To make your DAU metric actionable, you need to measure how often users are getting core value out of your product, not how many times they log in. - Amplitude

Refugee Data Tells Visual Stories of a Changing World
These two incredibly powerful visualizations show the refugee flow into Europe over the last three years. - Scientific American

People are talking about: the hottest year yet

NASA, NOAA, and the U.K.'s Met Office all released analyses last Wednesday confirming that 2015 was the hottest year on record. If you're interested in digging into the data, here are a few places to start.

What's goin' on at Mode

We created resources for Excel users who want to learn SQL and released drag-and-drop report layouts to help analysts tell high-impact data stories.

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