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Analytics Dispatch 1/11/2016

Hamlet's social network

For in these network visualizations, what relationships may emerge? Also: data design, machine learning startups, mysterious dates, and football analytics.


How a Small Data Design Company Visualized the World's Scientific Collaborations
Nature recently published an interactive visualization capturing the patterns of scientific collaboration across the globe. Go behind the scenes with Small Multiples, the design firm that created the graphic, to learn how they approach designing with data. A great read for any digital storyteller. - Storybench

Startups Aim to Exploit a Deep-Learning Skills Gap
What do you do when every company wants to build a deep-learning network, but the experts are in short supply? Launch a product, of course. Some startups have created computer chips and software libraries that can accelerate algorithm training, all without having to hire an experienced team of deep-learning experts.

The Missing 11th of the Month
According to Google's Ngrams database, the 11th is mentioned significantly less than other monthly ordinals. But why? We don't want to spoil the conclusion, but this post is a good reminder of why you shouldn't blindly trust data. - Dr. David Hagen

Football analytics Q&A with data expert Trey Causey
A good overview of football and sports analytics as a whole: “I think the general set of analytical skills is sport-agnostic, as it’s more of a way of thinking about how to solve problems with data than about specific subject matter expertise.” - Waiting For Next Year

Network visualization: mapping Shakespeare’s tragedies
A suggestion for further analysis: how many more people would have gotten an A in 10th grade English if they'd had this visualization handy? - Martin Grandjean

People are talking about: nutrition

Every new year is accompanied by resolutions to get in shape and eat healthy. The recent release of the U.S. Dietary Guidelines has only amplified that conversation.

What's goin' on at Mode

We released two new features for embedded reports that make it easier to share and consume insights.

Here's to a happy and productive week!

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