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The User Retention Playbook

Retention, which measures how long users or users continue to use a product after their first purchase (or after they sign up or first log in), is vital to growing a customer base. If users aren't retained, any product---regardless of how fast its acquiring new users---will struggle to stay relevant.

The reports in this Playbook focus on understanding retention rates for your product. They describe how retention evolves over time, how it varies across different users groups, and how your retention rate affects the size of your user base. Finally, this Playbook helps you uncover which metrics are most predictive of user retention. Facebook famously found that users who became friends with at least 7 other people in 10 days become long-term users---for other products, one purchase, logging in three times in their first week, or sharing something on Twitter could all be important indicators. This Playbook helps you find these answers.

The Retention Playbook includes four reports you can tailor to your data. For an overview of how Mode Playbook reports work, please read this article.

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