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Connect your database

Choose your database,
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Skip the hassle

No fussy onboarding.
No up-front data modeling.
No proprietary languages.

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Explore your data with SQL, Python, and interactive visualizations.


Safe + secure

Mode is focused on keeping your data safe. Read about our security policies here.

If you have questions about HIPAA compliance or other security concerns, contact us.

Analysts use Mode to answer the questions behind the questions

SQL + Python + interactive charts, all in one place. Share powerful analysis with anyone in your organization via dashboards, ad hoc reports, or Python Notebooks.

Example of Mode charts Example of Mode charts

Speed is really important at our stage, and that's why we chose Mode.

Brett Jaffe

Business Development Manager, Athos

There was little to no configuration required to wire up Molecule to Mode.

Kyle Luzny

Software Engineer, Molecule

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