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See Mode and Slack in action

Mode + Slack

With Mode and Slack, teams can access analytics like never before. Share insights and collaborate directly with your team. Learn how to set up the Slack integration on our help site.

Data that meets you where you already are

The integration shares and surfaces your team’s data directly where the conversation is happening, speeding up time to insight and encouraging collaboration.

Benefits of our Slack integration

Share instantly

Finish up exploratory analysis using SQL, Python, or R, then copy and paste into Slack to see previews unfurl directly in the context of your team's conversation.

Encourage collaboration

Share on Slack to encourage stakeholders to answer their own questions.

Keep data in the conversation

Layer charts on top of queries that track KPIs, then use the scheduler in Mode to regularly send reports to Slack.

How it works

Mode connects seamlessly to your team’s Slack

The integration allows analysts to share data and meet stakeholders where the decisions are being made, in both public and private Slack channels.

Share reports directly where the conversation is happening

Send reports directly to your team’s Slack speeding up the time to insight and encouraging collaborative self serve analysis.

Get more from your data

Your team can be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

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