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How Our Partnerships Improve Data Quality and Usability For the Modern Data Stack

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Gaurav Rewari, CEO

October 27, 2022

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Mode Analytics partnerships

It's no secret that in order for an organization to become truly data-driven, it needs to embrace the modern data stack and maximize its value by fostering and upleveling data maturity company-wide. That said, until recently, the notion of ‘self-serve’ BI simply has not delivered on this prevalent promise made to both data teams and business teams. Here’s why: within the data community, business intelligence is still viewed as a form of window dressing that simply makes the presentation of data more palatable to non-technical audiences, all while restricting the capabilities of analysts to iterate quickly in their preferred languages and methodologies. A core root of this dilemma is that data is spread over a range of various tools and platforms, making it difficult to consolidate, govern and use effectively. Over time, this constant push/pull dynamic between data teams and business teams has eroded confidence in the validity of data itself; and most BI solutions simply haven’t cleared the path forward. Modern BI tools, like Mode, enable a new methodology where a centralized data team can deploy a core data hub for the entire company across lines of business. This approach fosters true partnerships and accountability from business stakeholders. 

To fully realize this path, we as modern data stack providers, must collaborate to ensure that the various components of the data modern stack work well together. We can only deliver on the promises of Modern BI for our customers through partnership and collaboration.

Mode believes that working closely with other industry leaders will help organizations embracing the modern data stack philosophy improve data quality and usability. Collaboration is deeply embedded in Mode’s DNA—one of our core value statements is “We don’t work alone.” 

In keeping with this philosophy, Mode is committed to three new and notable partnerships:

  • dbt Labs: We’ve partnered with dbt Labs to build an integration with the dbt Semantic Layer. This integration makes consistent, governed metrics instantly available for exploration via a no-code interface, enabling organizations to centrally define and ensure consistency of key business metrics.  This is a huge step forward for the data ecosystem, because it means that analytics engineers can define metrics in one place, and surface those metrics consistently to business stakeholders in a matter of minutes.

This partnership between dbt Labs and Mode will enable collaboration between data and business teams, accelerating time to value,” said dbt Labs Chief Product Officer Margaret Francis.

  • Google Cloud BigQuery: Mode is now designated as Google Cloud Ready for BigQuery, for Google’s powerful big data analytics platform, which means Mode delivers excellent value and results for shared customers of Mode and Big Query. As part of the BigQuery program, Mode will have opportunities to collaborate closely with Google Cloud partner engineering and BigQuery teams to develop joint roadmaps.  BigQuery has long been an important data source for Mode, and the BigQuery Ready designation will enable our customers to mobilize their data even faster, unlocking new ways for data teams and business stakeholders to accelerate data-driven outcomes.

“Mode Analytics' integration with BigQuery helps deliver excellent value and results for customers that are looking to drive data-driven decisions across their organization," said Ritika Suri, Director, Technology Partnerships, Google Cloud.


Mode Analytics has emerged as a leader in the Business Intelligence category, with joint customers leveraging their technology to interpret insights that lead to informed business decisions,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer, Snowflake.

Mode is committed to forging relationships like these with other data leaders, because we know it is the only path to fully realizing value from the modern data stack. If we get this right, the BI tools of the future will benefit everyone—business stakeholders will be able to explore trustworthy data in an accessible environment, and analysts will be able to build on top of the same data/metrics that engineers created and business users consume. 

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