Data Freshness Integration with dbt


Mode + dbt

Mode’s dbt integration allows users to understand data freshness by pulling timestamp and origin information directly into Mode’s reports.

This integration promotes transparent data provenance for the modern data stack.

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The integration improves data observability and removes the need for analysts to act as “go-betweens” in the data verification process.

How it works

Mode connects to dbt's Metadata API to surface data freshness timestamps on Mode Reports

The integration allows analysts to present business-users with information on when reports were last updated and their location inside the data warehouse.

Surfacing metadata to end-users shortens time-to-insights

The integration promotes a cloud-based workflow that levels-up how teams collaborate.

The Mode/dbt integration makes it easy to build trust with your stakeholders by bringing information about data freshness directly into all of your reports.
The information is instantly applicable to every report without any manual upkeep - which is great for scalability!

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About Fishtown Analytics dbt

Fishtown Analytics pioneered the practice of analytics engineering by building the primary tool in the analytics engineering toolbox, dbt. Since 2016, Fishtown has grown to thousands of users globally interested in improving their modern analytic data stack.

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