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Build a Modern Data Stack

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Why should you build a modern data stack?


The Case for a Modular Data Stack

Whether you’re coming into an existing stack or refreshing an outdated one, Mode and Sisu present the key considerations to keep in mind.


Modern Data Architecture

This paper will help you make the case for investing in a modern data stack and review when it’s time to update it.


Designing An Analytics Stack Like We Design Software

Use microservice architectures to make analytics stacks modular, and your data team more successful.

How you can build modern data stack quickly


Build a Modern Data Stack in 30 Minutes

You can have a cloud-based warehouse that’s connected to an analytics or BI platform, with data piped in from multiple sources, in 30 minutes or less.

Choosing tools for your modern data stack


Choosing an ETL Tool for Your Analytics Stack

Compare our top 4 choices for connecting your ETL (Extract, Transform, & Load) to any analytics tool. Learn how to evaluate vendors using our criteria.


Mode for Data Analysts

Watch this on-demand webinar where we discuss data exploration and value of multiple tools within the same platform.

Graduating from a modern data stack to a modern data experience


The Modern Data Experience

When data teams focus on building a modern data experience, rather than a modern data stack, they help create an experience where everyone can use data more effortlessly.

Further reading


3 Industry Leaders on the Future of Data Tooling

There's a bright future ahead for data engineering, one in which the tools and technology we depend on are increasingly designed with depth and cohesion in mind.

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