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Case study

RVshare increases data access to drive growth

RVshare is the first and largest peer RV sharing platform in the country.

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[Mode] took off like wildfire, especially among the engineers. It gets out of the way of developers who want to get the data they need instantly.

Kevin Day
VP of Engineering


A high-growth startup needed to scale beyond spreadsheets

Kevin Day joined RVshare as their VP of engineering and eighth employee, the company had not yet set up their data infrastructure. The founding team valued data and analysis but hadn’t yet made an investment in a tool that would go beyond quick analysis on small datasets--they were only using Excel.

Kevin knew they needed to move beyond this small company mindset. “You quickly get to the point where the three people sitting in a room no longer have the full picture of everything going on in the marketplace,” Kevin said.

Kevin needed a convenient, fast tool that would fill the gap between Segment and Excel. For engineers, connecting directly to the production database, running queries, and pulling them into Excel was no longer working. It was time consuming, and the data quickly became outdated. The company was ready for a more powerful tool that allowed them to quickly view and share the most up-to-date data across teams.


A developer-friendly interface let engineers work faster

Kevin brought in Mode to help RVshare move beyond spreadsheets. Immediately, his team of engineers was able to query the database directly, surface advanced insights, and share them across the company.

Mode’s SQL-first interface helped developers work at top speed. By writing SQL queries directly on top of the database, they were able to instantly access data without having to work through multiple tools and unfamiliar BI interfaces, or waiting for data to refresh. This direct access let them spend more time on impactful work, such as planning and measuring new features, and performing advanced debugging quickly.

We have other product analytics tools, but sometimes the database is the easiest point of reference.

Kevin Day VP of Engineering at RVShare


Company-wide data democracy drove better decisions and 10x growth

The engineering team built out reports and dashboards for teams ranging from customer success to product, and they all quickly saw the benefits of Mode.

The customer success team can now quickly open a Mode report, input a booking ID, and view advanced data to help resolve customer questions. The product team now incorporates a Mode report into every new product release to monitor adoption and usage. And the executive team relies on automated reports on key business metrics to make decisions.

Building these solutions up front freed up hours of downstream engineering time and allowed everyone else to do their job in a faster, more data-driven way. Increasing their data maturity with Mode has helped the company to grow 10x over the past 4 years.


faster implementation than other BI tools


increase in engineering team bandwidth


company-wide growth in 4 years


faster implementation than other BI tools


increase in engineering team bandwidth


company-wide growth in 4 years

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