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Stitch increases data team bandwidth by 80% using Mode

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Stitch is a cloud-first, open source platform for rapidly moving data.

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With Mode, I can get a question from the team and have an answer 20 minutes later.

Anthony Palacio
80% less time
spent reporting on core metrics each week
less than 1 hour
to build a company metrics dashboard
20 minutes
from ad hoc question to answer


Data team of one means limited bandwidth

At Stitch, a SaaS platform for moving data, everyone from board members to business users relies on data to make decisions. However, many aren’t familiar enough with the data to answer the questions for themselves. When that happens, it is up to Anthony Palacio, Stitch Analytics Manager, to meet the team’s needs for measurement and reporting.

Palacio had to solve two challenges in order to do this. The first was to provide a single view of key business metrics, such as conversion figures and customer retention rates, that planners needed to make decisions. The second was to create a scalable way to address ad hoc requests for data, which took several hours of his time every week to fulfill.


Automated reports, collaboration, and data governance saved hours

Palacio created a Mode dashboard within a week to reveal baseline customer signup and conversion rates. “Within a few days, we were able to use the data to identify patterns and make informed decisions. It helped us set targets and see where in the funnel we could have the most impact.”

“Our Mode dashboard is our North Star—it helps us determine how to focus our efforts.”

On top of building and visualizing the reports, Mode’s collaborative capabilities made it simple to automatically share the findings. The ability to automate reporting through e-mail and Slack saved Anthony hours every week. “I’ve worked with other BI tools, and the ease of sharing and working on things together is my favorite thing about Mode. It’s like comparing Microsoft Word to Google Docs.”

Business users were also able to get answers to their ad hoc questions faster. Anthony’s models in Mode guaranteed that everyone was looking at the same fresh data, and the SQL-first nature of Mode let the team members get started on their own. With a basic knowledge of SQL and Mode’s easy-to-use interface, they were able to do 60% of the work on their own before bringing it to Anthony to finish it up.


Increased time-to-insights by 70% while building an empowered, data-driven culture

With Mode, Anthony reduced his time spent reporting on core metrics by 80%, while also answering questions over 70% faster. This efficiency has increased his bandwidth and allowed Stitch to maintain a lean and powerful data operation.

By establishing a definitive source of truth and lowering barriers to data-driven decision making, Mode has helped Palacio transform the data culture at Stitch. Everyone has learned to ask better questions and in turn, has seen better results.

“We have an open philosophy when it comes to our data—Mode allows all teams to take their own perspective and play around with it themselves.”

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