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Mode Analytics Partners with Fishtown to Increase the Transparency and Trust of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Empowers Data Analysts to Drive Faster, More Accurate Analytics and Reporting

San Francisco, CA - April 13, 2021

Mode Analytics, the most comprehensive platform for collaborative Business Intelligence (BI) and Interactive Data Science, today announced that it has joined forces with Fishtown Analytics, the makers and maintainers of dbt, to help organizations understand the freshness of their data by surfacing timestamp and origin information directly into Mode’s reports using dbt’s Metadata API. The release works to build our customers’ trust around insights and promote transparent data provenance across the modern analytics data stack.

Organizations want their employees to work with the most up-to-date information possible when making decisions. Up until now, non-technical business users haven’t had visibility into when the data was last updated or where it resides in the data stack. Business users needed to contact the analysts to learn about the history (or provenance) of the data to ensure its relevance.

By integrating with Fishtown’s dbt, Mode is bringing data provenance from the modeling layer into Mode’s BI tool. The partnership helps analysts provide self-serve insights to business users, and at the organizational level, leads to better decision-making as employees learn to trust the recency of its reporting.

“Mode is excited to partner with Fishtown because we are aligned with how cloud analytics architecture should function,” said Derek Steer Co-founder and CEO, Mode Analytics. “The simplicity and flexibility of the integration make it easy for analysts and business users alike to ensure they are always working with accurate, up-to-date data. Our continued partnership will speak volumes about what can be accomplished with best-of-breed tools working together to build the foundation of the modular, modern data stack.”

Mode is an advanced analytics solution that provides a seamless, all-in-one experience for analysts working collaboratively across SQL, Python, and R environments. Analysts can create reports, dashboards, and visualizations for day-to-day insights that enable organizations to make faster, more confident, data-driven decisions.

Fishtown's dbt is a development environment that enables SQL-savvy analysts to take ownership of the entire analytics engineering workflow, from writing data transformations to deployment and documentation from a single web-based UI.

“The new integration between Mode and dbt Cloud is an important step towards greater observability across the modern data stack,” said Tristan Handy, Co-Founder and CEO of Fishtown Analytics, creators of dbt. “Now, important information from the modeling layer can be surfaced directly within the Mode UI, increasing transparency and trust in data-backed decisions.”

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Mode is the modern business intelligence platform that clears the path from data to insights to uplevel decision making at every level of an organization. The first BI platform to actually embrace the way modern data teams work, data leaders use Mode to drive more efficient, higher impact analysis and increased data maturity through true self-service. As the unified intelligence layer, Mode maximizes modern data stack ROI and turns data into a competitive advantage for leading businesses across all sectors and stages. Mode’s customers include fast growing startups and long standing innovators like Shopify, Lyft, ABInBev, Atlassian, Figma, VMWare, and Doordash. As a company founded by analysts, Mode is committed to supporting the analytics community with free learning resources such as SQL School and free tools for anyone analyzing public data. To start a free trial or learn more,

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