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Introducing Helix—the first instant, responsive data engine.

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Powered by Helix, Mode increases the speed of better decision-making, regardless of the complexity of the problem at hand.

Connect your data warehouse

Analyze with SQL, Python, or R

Instantly visualize tens of millions of rows

Share living reports with stakeholders

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Mode is the only tool that gives us what we need to dig deeper and move faster, while also providing execs and stakeholders with drag-and-drop features on the queries we deliver to them.

Andrew Zirm

Senior Data Scientist, Greenhouse

Finally, a data platform you’ll want to live in

See how our Notebook and SQL Editor improve the speed and quality of iterative analysis.

Mode scales with your business

Ours is the only data platform that evolves with you as your data grows in volume and complexity.

Check out our completely customizable reports

We won’t eat your data stack

Mode plays nicely with others so you can deploy the best possible solution for each aspect of your infrastructure.

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Equip everyone.


Visually explore multi-million-row query results

On demand

Refresh data anytime


Help everyone explore data

Integrated with Slack

Put data where decision-makers need it


Get the right data to the right people

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Learn from the Mode community with tutorials, example reports and visualizations.

Learn SQL

Pull, aggregate, filter, and join from databases.

Learn Python

Explore data visualization, modeling, and analysis.

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