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Discovery API


The Discovery API is a read-only batch API that allow developers to get lists of Mode resources, along with metadata about each of those resources. The API will be referred to as 'batch' throughout the documentation. See the full documentation for the Discovery API here.

NOTE: The Discovery API is only available for Enterprise tier customers. Reach out to your CSM to get access.

Authentication & authorization

To return a valid signature token (to then be used for Batch API requests) send a POST request. signature_token should be a top level key in the raw data sent.

  • name is required to be a string between 4-64 characters long
  • expires_at must be in ISO8601 (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mmZ) format
  • auth_scope must be a JSON object.
    • authentication_for and authorization_type are the only valid keys.
      • batch-api is the only valid value for authentication_for.
      • read-only is the only valid value for authorization_type.

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