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How Our Award-Winning Customer Support Team Built a Best-in-Class Tech Stack

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Jessica Schimm, Senior Content Marketing Manager

June 28, 2021

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Mode Globee Awards

Customer support is an always-on job. To scale the support team’s capacity to provide quality support to thousands of active users, our Senior Manager of Customer Support and Success Operations, Asha Hill, took a closer look at the support team’s tech stack.

“Transforming our customer support tech stack lets us respond to our customers faster while giving our team a much easier workflow internally. This has translated into a more manageable, scalable process, allowing our team to provide fast, high-quality support that we are proud of.”

Mode built its new customer support tech stack from the ground up, around the core values of transparency, visibility, and automation.

The strategic configuration of these state-of-the-art technical tools has supported the currently remote team with proactive notifications and fail-proof “door-stoppers” that send reminders to help the team act swiftly and effectively without continuous nudges from top-down management.

The entire system enables the team members to maintain optimal work/life balance, keeping morale high while supporting a rapidly growing customer base.

We have two Gold Awards under our belt in 2021 for outstanding service to our customers, including the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service and the Globee Sales and Service Excellence Awards. Our tech stack has helped us decrease our response time by 9 minutes and maintain a CSAT Score of 94%, among other accomplishments. Read the full release for more information

Components of Mode’s award-winning customer support tech stack

Our customer support tech system can be broken into four categories that serve the team in different ways.

  1. Knowledge Management System. (Guru) Mode uses an AI-based automation system called Guru to aggregate customer requests and match needs to answers. Guru integrates with Intercom, an in-app messaging chat platform system that manages customer queue tickets and tags them automatically to eliminate inconsistency.
  2. Automated Ticket Recap System. (Mode, Intercom, Slack, Zapier) Mode implements a system of integrated tools, including Zapier, Intercom Webhooks, and Slack, to provide visibility into conversations with customers and summarize what kinds of issues they are experiencing. This system ensures that tickets can’t be closed without adding a recap. Summaries are shared automatically with product managers and other non-CS team members throughout the organization.
  3. “Show Some Love” Channel. (Slack) To highlight the success of the customer support team, Mode has added a channel that allows customers to easily add feedback and share positive responses across the entire organization in an immediate and transparent way.
  4. Automation tools. (Mode) Mode utilizes a host of purposeful tools designed to streamline the workflow and illustrate at a glance what tickets are outstanding, which conversations and coming up, and what types of actionable steps are required to close them.

With this comprehensive system of cross-functional workflow platforms, our relatively small customer support team has been able to keep response times well below the industry standard, even as demand for assistance has increased.

If you need help from customer support, contact support here or review our help site.

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