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Mode’s Customer Support Team Brings Home a Gold Stevie® Award for Customer Support

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Rebecca West, Founder and CEO, Helium Communications

February 3, 2021

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Stevie Awards

We go to customer support teams for resolution of our most tense problems. A quick response is the first sign of relief. But it’s the subsequent understanding of needs, investigation, and clear next steps that really seals the deal for a dependable, and even memorable, customer experience.

Mode’s Senior Manager of Customer Support and Success Operations, Asha Hill, folds data into all of her team’s processes to ensure customers of all sizes have these kinds of experiences with Mode.

Since joining Mode in 2017, Asha has been rebuilding Mode’s entire customer support team operations from the ground up, supporting Mode’s international customer base of thousands of active users.

With operations designed around our core values of transparency, visibility, and automation, we’re excited to announce that her work has been recognized globally. Asha has earned a 2021 Gold Stevie® Award as Front-line Customer Service Professional of the Year.

Under her leadership, Mode’s new customer support team has consistently maintained a customer satisfaction score (CSAT) of more than 94%, a considerable achievement given the rapid growth and external dynamics fielded by the team this past year.

Under Asha's leadership, Mode’s new customer support team has consistently maintained a CSAT score of more than 94%.

In addition, the team’s median first response time has decreased by over 33%, from 9 minutes in August 2019 to less than 6 minutes in October 2020, with all ticket responses handled by an agent. The response time for complex technical tickets has decreased by 50%, from 16 hours in August 2019 to 8 hours in October 2020, with an average time-to-close of 6 hours.

Rather than building on legacy systems and broken processes, Asha built Mode’s customer support cross-functional workflow systems on state-of-the-art technology platforms, enabling a very small team to consistently follow industry best practices.

“I am beyond humbled by this honor, and so incredibly proud of what our team has achieved in the past year,” Asha said. “We’ve built Mode’s CS Operations from the ground up around our core values of transparency, visibility and automation. This approach has enabled us to maintain industry-leading response times while maintaining top CSAT scores, and provide optimal coverage and support for Mode’s growing customer base.”

As always, we share these honors with our amazing network of partners and customers, who have taught us so much about how to address questions and resolve issues quickly and effectively.

For more info about Mode customer support offerings, check out these resources on our website:

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