Mode + Transform

Metrics come to Mode via Transform. Pair fast, flexible analytics in Mode with Transform’s metrics governance. Results may include peace of mind, aligned decision-making, and a happy data team.

See Mode + Transform in action

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Better decisions at the speed of business

Decisions based on the right metrics are better decisions. Surface defined metrics directly into Mode queries, Reports, and dashboards.

How it works

Mode connects seamlessly with metrics defined in Transform

Your metrics are then automatically populated into Mode’s interactive schema browser so you can start exploring and querying immediately.

Metric logic exists alongside your other data connections

Because Transform metrics are populated via a data source connection, they can be combined with data from other connections in your Mode Workspace.


About Transform

Transform builds metric layer governance to help companies build data-driven cultures. Transform’s Metrics Framework, Catalog, and API all scale metric logic and understanding wherever teams prefer to work with their data.

Mode and Transform logos
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Data teams move faster in Mode