Mode is powered by Helix

Helix is the first instant, responsive data engine that creates a dual backbone of modern business intelligence and interactive data science.

How Helix works

Mode automatically streams query results into Helix, a high-performance in-memory data engine, so that you can visually explore up to 10GB — faster and with less database load.

Bringing two worlds together



Helix fundamentally changes how companies can explore and extend analysis


Every Mode query result is immediately streamed into Helix.


Visually explore tens of millions of rows.


Stakeholders can explore results with drag-and-drop visualization tools.

Quotation mark

Helix is awesome. Changed my life. I was able to visualize more than 4.6M rows of data with no performance issues for the first time.

Rohan Joshi

Manager, Product Analytics, Blend

Be a data scientist,
not a fortune teller

Because stakeholders can extend any analysis to answer their own questions, data scientists no longer need to predict what they’ll be asked next.

Interactive data science

Helix adds visual analytics tools to every ad hoc exploration. Go deeper, explore further, and write simpler SQL along the way.

Modern BI

Instead of spending months developing dashboards and BI suites, build interactive reporting in the time it takes you to write a query.

A combined workflow

No longer choose between shipping fast, one-off answers and building dashboards for broader coverage. With Helix, data scientists can move faster while empowering stakeholders to explore on their own.


What is an instant, responsive data engine?

A high-performance, in-memory database designed for filtering, aggregating, and manipulating query results with sub-second latency. Every Mode query result is automatically streamed into this engine as soon as the query is completed. Once loaded, this data can be visualized in charts or tables. Helix can currently visualize 2,000 times more data than previous limits.

Is Helix a data warehouse?
What is it?

No. Helix is an in-memory database where we load query results to enable further analysis on them. It's an on-demand data extract, not a data warehouse.

Is Helix a caching layer?

No. We don't clone your tables and store them into our own data warehouse.

Which databases connect to Helix?

Helix works with any database that connects to Mode.
Here is a list of the databases we support:

Once a query is loaded into Helix, can it be refreshed easily?

Today, data in Helix is immutable. If you want to refresh the data, then re-run the query. The new query results will be loaded into Helix the same way the prior query results were.

Does Helix store my data forever?

When the customer hasn’t done any analysis on some data for a while, we remove it from the in-memory database to make room for other data sets.

Why is Helix faster than my own warehouse?

Helix is built exclusively for interactive queries.

Does Helix work better with any specific underlying data warehouse?

No. The mechanics work equally as well with any underlying database. Mode doesn't sync your database, instead it uses your SQL query as an instant extraction script. This ends up being a lot faster than just connecting your BI to your full-scale data warehouse.

Work faster with Helix