Meet Helix

Increase the speed of better decision-making for your business, regardless of the complexity of the problem at hand.

How Helix works

Helix is the first instant, responsive data engine that creates a dual backbone of modern business intelligence and interactive data science.



Helix fundamentally changes how companies can explore and extend analysis


Every Mode query result is immediately streamed into Helix.


Visually explore tens of millions of rows.


Stakeholders can explore results with drag-and-drop visualization tools.

Be a data scientist,
not a fortune teller

Because stakeholders can extend any analysis to answer their own questions, data scientists no longer need to predict what they’ll be asked next.

Interactive data science

Helix adds visual analytics tools to every ad hoc exploration. Go deeper, explore further, and write simpler SQL along the way.

Modern BI

Instead of spending months developing dashboards and BI suites, build interactive reporting in the time it takes you to write a query.

A combined workflow

No longer choose between shipping fast, one-off answers and building dashboards for broader coverage. With Helix, data scientists can move faster while empowering stakeholders to explore on their own.

Work faster with Helix