The Future of Data Governance

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July 28, 2020

10am - 10:45am PT

We are featuring thought leaders who will discuss their perspectives on data governance. This webinar will be a fireside chat on how the future of data governance is changing. When the breadth of data is vast, organizations need a global management system to make sure their data is reliable across an organization to save time and resources for cleaning data.

Join Benn Stancil, President and Co-Founder at Mode, Tristan Handy, CEO and Founder at Fishtown Analytics, Christopher Holliday, Senior VP at Visual BI Solutions, and Michelle Ballen, Director of Data & Analytics at Billie, as they have a discussion around how each of them are thinking about the future of data governance.

Topics will include

  • The future of data governance
  • How companies should think about governance

Our Presenters

Benn Stancil

Tristan Handy

Christopher Holliday

Michelle Ballen

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