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Two Big Leaps Forward

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Derek Steer, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

May 16, 2017

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There's a common misconception that an analyst's work is lonely. That we're mad scientists off in a corner somewhere crunching numbers in ways no one else can.

But that's not how analysis works. Analysts don't just drop in with solutions and retreat.

Analysts, when freed up to do so, can act as catalysts capable of inspiring entire organizations toward better, data-informed decisions. The analysts we know turn data into a force of gravity that brings people—data experts and domain experts alike—together to solve difficult problems. This is really how companies' hardest problems get solved and, more importantly, how solutions find their way into action.

We believe analysts everywhere are capable of igniting this spark—and Mode is taking big steps to help make that happen.

Today, we're announcing our $13M Series B. Kevin Brown, of REV Venture Partners, led the round and is joining our board. Existing investors Foundation Capital and Goldcrest Capital participated as well. We're thrilled to welcome Kevin to the Mode family.

We're incredibly grateful to the analysts who use Mode today to rally their companies around tough analytical problems. With this funding, we will continue to invest in you. We've logged every single customer request since day one and will be accelerating the pace at which we roll out powerful solutions. We have big plans for continued investment in our SQL IDE, integrated Python notebooks, and collaborative workflow—the features that make Mode the best business intelligence product for analysts.

Speaking of new features.

Today we're opening early access to an increasingly powerful set of new tools for code-free data exploration. As these new features roll out, analysts will produce work in Mode the exact same way they do now, using the easiest, most powerful toolset available: SQL and Python. Yesterday, this work produced static reports. Today, every report is a powerful BI tool in its own right, granting coworkers the ability to drill down, segment, aggregate—and most importantly, share ideas—without having to write a single line of code.

Check out what we're rolling out and request early access.

We constantly hear that analysts want to spend their time on complex, high-value problems. But, like it or not, answering the simple questions—or, more importantly, empowering everyone to answer the simple questions—is a necessary step toward answering the high-value ones. With this release, we're making the simple problems as simple as possible: no exporting, no tedious data modeling in a proprietary language, no hairy ETL processes. We're helping analysts spend as much time as possible doing what they do best: solving problems and catalyzing change.

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