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35 New and Improved Python Libraries in Mode

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Marissa Gemma, Writer

January 9, 2018

2 minute read


Just in time to make good on New Year's resolutions, today we're releasing a major upgrade to Mode's Python Notebooks: support for over 20 new Python libraries. We're also updating our existing libraries, from NumPy to pandas to matplotlib (and more). All together, this adds up to 35 new and improved Python libraries. Enough to make a wintry day brighter.

Lots of analysts already rely on Mode's integrated Python Notebooks to simplify their daily workflow. That's because Mode is the only platform that automatically connects SQL query results to pandas dataframes. Rather than hopping from tool to tool, exporting and importing files every time you change your query, Mode's Python integration lets analysts keep their work streamlined and organized.

Data wrangling, data viz, machine learning, and more

With today's release, Mode now supports many of our most-requested Python libraries, including Lifelines, a survival analysis library built on top of pandas, TensorFlow, a powerful machine learning library, and lots more.

Analysts can now use Mode's Notebooks to do more of the tasks that Python does best, from data visualization to machine learning, data wrangling, and more. For a complete list of the 35 libraries we're upgrading or adding today, check out the release notes.

Looking for inspiration?

We built a few sample reports that showcase some of the useful things you can do with these new Python libraries.

  • Interested in creating beautiful Leaflet.js maps in Mode using Python? Try Folium.
  • Want to predict gender among your users or customers based on first name? SexMachine can help with that (and might have you humming along to James Brown's classic song, too).
  • Would it help your business to predict user or customer behavior (like how often a visitor will return to your site, who might churn from an app, or what a customer's lifetime value might be)? Lifetimes makes it easy.

To explore the kinds of things other analysts use Python to do, check out our blog, where you'll find tons of Python resources and discussion. Or, if you're new to Python, take our tutorial for a spin—it's written expressly for analysts looking to add some Python muscle to their day-to-day work.

Stay up to date

Starting today, Mode will be releasing regular updates to its Python libraries, to make sure that you can use the most dependable and up-to-date versions possible. Stay tuned for more improvements later this year.

Questions or feedback? We love hearing from you—reach out at hi@modeanalytics.com or start a chat in the product.

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