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Newly Remote Workers Left Internet Explorer at the Office

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Joel Carron, Data Scientist at Mode

May 27, 2020 1 minute read

As COVID-19 caused many people to start working from home, we observed an interesting trend: a steep decline in the rate of web traffic to our site from people using the Internet Explorer web browser.

weekly ie

While Microsoft has warned of the perils of using Explorer and tried to push users to its modern browser, Edge, many businesses still rely on the antiquated browser to power legacy systems. But apparently employees aren’t confined to the same restrictions when they work from home.

We looked back historically and found that the weekday Internet Explorer rate is almost double that of the weekend, another indication that employees avoid Explorer when they have the option.

ie by day type

So what are people using instead?

all browser rate

Chrome and Safari saw increases in browser share, while Firefox joined Explorer as a tool that people tend to leave behind at the office.

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