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Now Live: New Features to Help You Manage Users and Discover Data at Scale

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Katie Paxson Flynn, Director, Product Marketing — Core

July 27, 2020

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Mode API

At Mode, we think a lot about scalability. We know you’re looking for functionality that will help you scale your business, such as more efficient workflows for administrators, enhanced security and permissions settings, and the ability to manage your data and metadata at scale.

Today’s releases help get us a few steps closer to these capabilities, and we’re excited to share them with you.

More efficient admin workflows with SCIM integration

Permissions in Mode

As your company scales and your employee count grows, member management for applications becomes increasingly challenging. Admins need to provision more employees onto many different apps, and reverse this process when those employees leave the company.

Managing this on an individual basis can be incredibly tedious. You may already be using an identity provider (IdP) such as Okta, Azure AD, or OneLogin, to do this. Most apps utilize a SCIM protocol to integrate with these IdPs to automate lifecycle management, and starting today, so does Mode.

Today, we’re announcing our SCIM integration for Okta!

What does this mean for you?

If you have Okta as an IdP and are on Mode’s Enterprise platform, you can work with your customer success manager to enable the integration in Mode. Once your organization is set up, Mode admins will be able to set up groups and provision new employees onto Mode through Okta. Being able to manage your members all in one place saves hours of administrative time.

Provisioning Mode for your whole organization will be more efficient for your admins, tighten security, and lead to a more effective rollout of Mode. Check out our Help site to get a better understanding of this integration.

Please note: This feature is only available for customers on our Enterprise Plan. Reach out to your customer success manager or talk with us for more information.

Increased control over data source access with Connection permissions

Enhanced security and permissions settings are another key to scalability. We now have a Connection permission that allows admins to restrict employees from having access to sensitive data at the data source level.

If you have a connection that contains sensitive data, you now have a higher level of protection to make your Mode instance more secure. You also can save time by providing or restricting access to data sources to your whole organization in bulk.

What does this mean for you?

Admins can now set users to have either View or Query access to the data source connection. From there, they can choose one of those options to be the default access setting for everyone in their organization. Admins can also choose to remain on the Manual setting, which allows them to grant access to users individually.

Mode's Connection Access Policy

Better data discovery with Discovery API

Mode's API

Data discovery is the third scalability feature that we’re releasing today. Our new Discovery API provides companies an integration point to organize and manage Mode data resources at scale through their data discovery platforms.

Developers can now use the API to pull lists of Mode resources from their Organization, such as Charts, Queries, Reports, and Spaces, along with metadata about each of those data resources. These resources can easily be integrated with internal data discovery platforms, such as Lyft’s open-source tool, Amundsen. You can access the documentation and full list of supported endpoints of our Discovery API here.

What’s next?

Plenty! These releases represent only the beginning of our scalability enhancements. Our SCIM integration will support additional IdPs. We’ll be rolling out more permissions functionality for Spaces. And we’re building out even more endpoints for Discovery API that allow you to understand more about your data usage in Mode.

As always, feel free to share what else would be most helpful to you as you scale with Mode. Drop us a line at hi@modeanalytics.com and subscribe to our newsletter for more updates.

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