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Molecule's Embedded Analytics & Updates to White-Label Embeds

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Angeline Char, Product Marketing

December 12, 2017

1 minute read


Last year, we launched White-Label Embeds to provide a secure and seamless way to serve data to customers as a part of any application. Our customers have been seeing tremendous success in building out custom reports and delivering them to their customers in record time.

Check out how Mode customer Molecule leveraged While-Label Embeds to deploy customized, in-app reports to their clients in under two weeks. They're saving time, seeing more engagement with their app, and beating out their competition by serving up data to clients using completely custom embedded analytics.

What's new

Today, we're making White-Label Embeds even more valuable for your customers. Viewing a custom, in-app report is already powerful. Now, you can configure embeds to allow clients to export and download a CSV file with the report's raw data. In just one click, your clients can download data right from your app. Query names and results are displayed, giving your customers more detailed data and information behind reports.

Read our support doc on how to set up CSV file exports. Questions or feedback? Email us at hi@modeanalytics.com.

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