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Mode Integrates with Slack to Help Teams Share Data, Faster

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Emily Ritter, VP of Marketing

December 13, 2016

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The Mode Slack App is here! Now it's easier than ever to put timely, relevant data into the hands of decision makers, right when and where they're making decisions.

Get started by setting up the integration in a couple of clicks, here.

After adding Mode to Slack, head over to your Marketing team's funnel dashboard or the Support team's active case load report. Click Share, and then click Slack. Pick the channel where the team chats about decisions (and shares sweet GIFs), type up a quick explanation, and share it. Voilà!

Slack + Mode

You can also set up scheduled shares to push dashboards into Slack each morning. If the preview piques someone's interest, they can instantly click through to explore the interactive versions.

Scheduling Slack updates has been one of the most powerful ways we've found to spark discussions about key performance metrics—and how to move the needle. As we started to prioritize the 2017 roadmap, we established a couple of “north star” metrics. With the whole team focused on these goals, we're using Slack to keep our progress top of mind.

To do so, we set up a recurring schedule to push the product metrics dashboard in to #product each morning. Seeing the metrics each day has inspired deep conversations and questions about retention, segmented user behavior, and growth. Once the exploratory analysis that answers each question is complete, sharing the ad hoc report back into #product is just a couple of clicks away.

We hope you find that the Mode Slack App drives your business forward, faster. Just like it has ours.

If you're new to Mode, welcome! Learn more about how to get started with Mode + Slack.

That was #9

We're in the final stretch of our 12 days, 12 features launch. Stay tuned for days 10, 11, and 12. We're not done yet!

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