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Leading by Example: How Mode Customers are Giving Back in Trying Times

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Jessica Schimm, Senior Manager, Content

April 9, 2020

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In response to COVID-19, many individuals, organizations, and companies are giving back where they can.

Acting generously during a time of crisis is an example of strong leadership and a way to maintain stability for everyone in uncertain times. For companies, giving back also usually requires quick analysis to both inform which services can be extended and to reach agreement across stakeholders to greenlight these initiatives.

We’ve noticed a handful of actions that our customers have taken to help their communities in the last few weeks. From preserving the overall safety of communities by adjusting quickly to shelter-in-place mandates to contributing to the mental and physical health needs of their employees, we’ve admired the thoughtfulness behind these pivots and the speed at which they were implemented.

In hopes of helping others who might be thinking about ways to give back, here is a brief round-up of what some companies in Mode’s customer community are doing to help flatten the curve and give back.


DoorDash, a food delivery service, has started to deliver household essentials like toilet paper and Advil from convenience stores nationally. They’re also waiving commissions fees for independent restaurants in select countries for 30 days and providing Dashers and Caviar couriers who are diagnosed with COVID-19 in select countries with up to two weeks of financial assistance.


Among its many efforts listed, Shopify has made digital and physical gift cards available to help support their community. They also created a local delivery option to help flatten the curve and extended their free trial from 14 to 90 days.


Airtable is making its Pro plan available for free to students and non-political humanitarian groups working on COVID-19 relief efforts with no time limit. They’re also making previously enterprise-only live-trainings available to everyone.


Zenefits has made many adjustments, including expediting any insurance enrollment that’s a benefits-related emergency. The company is also offering new and existing customers its payroll product for free over the next 12 months and upgrading the account of all existing payroll customers. Additionally, to help combat stress and promote health, they’ve made their Well-being app available to their customers and the Zenefits team.

We look forward to sharing more ideas around giving back and collaborating to support our communities

These are just a few inspiring examples of how some companies are pivoting and giving back. We look forward to hearing and spotlighting more stories in the upcoming weeks.

On a related note: We’re making Mode free to any researcher or organization working with public health or epidemiology models. We’re doing the same for organizations coordinating logistics for food banks or fighting #COVID19 in another way from the front line. Reach out to us at hi@modeanalytics.com.

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