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Beyond Hacker News: Finding Watsi's Growth Engine

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Benn Stancil, Co-founder & Chief Analytics Officer

March 6, 2015

1 minute read


How we used data to help Watsi find sustainable strategies for funding worldwide healthcare.

Our friends over at Segment recently came to us with a great idea: they wanted to get a bunch of analysts together to help a non-profit find insights in their data.

Watsi, a healthcare startup that's done an incredible job of building a donor community that supports healthcare for patients around the world, generously opened up their data to us. As we started collaborating with their team, we learned that they were looking to expand their community, patient support, and reach even further. They needed a repeatable model for increasing donations. They needed an engine.

So, we set out to find growth strategies using data sent to Amazon Redshift by Segment. The analysis and lessons learned, presented in the slide deck below, can be applied to startups of all kinds.

You can also watch a lo-fi video of the presentation here.

Many thanks to the Segment team for bringing everyone together to do some #AnalyticsForGood. If you're interested in exploring your product's retention and user behavior using the methods in this presentation, check out the Mode Playbook.

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