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March 31, 2021 2 minute read

Our new Discovery Database can help you see your Mode usage data

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Nate Coleman

Data Scientist

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, which is why we recently launched Mode’s Discovery Database to provide on-demand access to your organization’s Mode usage data.

With Mode's Discovery Database, you can directly query granular usage data on the activity in your Mode organization. The Discovery Database includes information on users, reports, query text, query runs, and report views.

This data is provided via Secure Data Sharing by Snowflake, which enables Mode to share usage data with you in a way that’s both scalable and secure. Best of all, you can connect the Discovery Database to Mode, which lets you use Mode to analyze how your organization uses Mode. You can find more information about the Discovery Database on our Developer site.

Eligible customers can use the Discovery Database to address their organization’s top priorities, whether that’s understanding user adoption, tracking your most popular reports, or managing database costs. You can see all the available data by checking out the Discovery Database schema.

To highlight why we’re so excited about the Discovery Database, we’ve pre-built a few dashboards using this data and open-sourced them so they can be seamlessly implemented at your organization.

You can leverage the following pre-built reports—User Management, Organization Activity, Data Resource Monitor—by cloning them into your Mode organization.

Clone these pre-built dashboards into your Mode organization

Organization activity

This sample dashboard can be used to track how members of your Mode organization are engaging on the platform over time. Visualizing trends in analysis creation and dissemination is vital to measuring adoption for your data-related initiatives.

Mode Analytics

Database resource monitor

You can use this dashboard to help monitor and manage your database resources. This report gives visibility into which users, reports, and queries are putting the most load on your databases that are connected to Mode.

Mode Analytics

User management

This sample dashboard will help you manage members of your Mode organization. You can track the number of active users and see users who haven’t logged into the platform recently. You can also identify your most frequent Mode users by seeing who is creating and viewing the most analysis in your organization.

Mode Analytics

For more information on getting set up with your Discovery Database, reach out to us at support [at] or visit our Support page.

Happy analyzing!

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