Discovery Database


For qualifying customers, Mode’s Discovery Database provides access to your Workspace’s usage data. This data is provided via Secure Data Sharing by Snowflake which allows Mode to securely share your usage data in a Snowflake database unique to your Workspace.

Usage data is accessible in a Snowflake Database that can be connected directly to Mode. You can use the Discovery Database to measure what’s most important to your Workspace, whether that’s understanding adoption, tracking your most popular reports, assessing database load, or auditing usage for compliance.

In other words, with the Discovery Database, you can use Mode to measure and manage how you use Mode.

What data is available?

You can find details on the data that’s available in these tables. New data is automatically available as it’s refreshed. Data is updated at least once a day.

If the data you’re looking for is missing, please reach out to us at

Note: This data contains all reports and queries in your Workspace, including those that may be private to some Workspace members. We recommend being mindful of this when considering who has access to this data.

How do I access usage data?

We currently offer methods of sharing data, depending on whether or not you have an existing Snowflake account and the region which that account is located.

If you’re a Snowflake customer…

We can share data directly into your existing Snowflake account. Using this method, we create a Snowflake Share that can be made available in your account. You can then create a new database in your Snowflake account based on that Share. This database will contain all of the data described above, and will be updated daily.

Though this database contains data provided by Mode, you can administer it as you would any other database in your Snowflake account (with a few exceptions). These exceptions, and details on the setup process, are described in Snowflake’s documentation.

To use this method, we will need the unique identifier of the Snowflake account you want us to share data with. This is most easily found by running SELECT CURRENT_ACCOUNT(); against any database in your Snowflake account. Note that this method is currently only available to Snowflake customers running on AWS in us-west-2.

If you have a Snowflake account, we strongly recommend this method. Using this method, you don’t need to manage a new account, can join Mode usage data with other data in your account, and can administer your account completely, including account permissions and warehouse usage.

IMPORTANT: To provide a higher level of data protection for our customers, Mode runs a Business Critical Edition of Snowflake internally. This ensures that all internal data, including PHI covered by HIPAA, is properly protected. While we can share data with Standard and Enterprise Editions of Snowflake, if you are running one of these editions, we will request written certification that no user-created data in your Mode Workspace (e.g., query bodies, report titles, etc.) contains PHI.

If you aren’t a Snowflake customer…

We will provision a Reader Account for you with your data preloaded in it. When getting started, we’ll provide you with temporary login credentials; use these credentials to log into the Snowflake console and reset your password. You should treat these credentials as you would the credentials to your own database.

You can access this Reader Account as you would a standard Snowflake account, and can connect it directly to Mode.

Note that Reader Account administration is heavily restricted.

  • The shared user account can only query the data provided. The account cannot create new users, provision new warehouses, or administer the account in any other way.
  • We will provision one X-small Virtual Warehouse, called warehouse_xs_mode in the Reader Account.
  • While Mode covers the cost of this warehouse, its usage is limited. The warehouse is provisioned with 10 credits (roughly 10 hours of query time) per month for Mode Business customers, and 50 credits per month for Mode Enterprise customers.

If these restrictions hinder your ability to use this data, please contact the Mode support team at