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Delivering Embedded Analytics With Wordpress

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Emily Ritter, VP of Marketing

March 19, 2018

2 minute read


The collection and analysis of user data by software companies is key part of the product development process. User data is valuable to more than just the company collecting it; it's valuable to the users themselves, too.

Some of the world's most forward-thinking software companies give their customers useful insights into their product usage through in-app analytics pages. We recently explained how we built our own using Mode's White-Label Embeds.

But not everyone has a portal or app to surface this data for their customers. This topic recently arose in our customer Slack channel. A long-time Mode customer asked whether anyone in the community had built something to easily integrate White-Label Embeds with WordPress, which they were using to power an internal wiki for their employees.

We heard you!

Today we’re excited to announce that the Mode White-Label Embeds plugin is live in the WordPress Plugin directory.

Using the WordPress PlugIn to Deliver Data in Your Customer Portal

If you’re using WordPress to power a logged-in customer or partner portal, it’s easy to add Mode-powered embedded analytics.

The process of setting up the reporting is exactly the same on the Mode side. Simply write SQL, build charts, then configure your visualizations to match your environment. Before you decide which reports to include, make sure you look over our suggestions for selecting the data you surface in this page.

Then head over to the WordPress marketplace and install the White-Label Embeds plugin to your site. The plugin has a quick-to-use form to take care of all of the integration points:

wordpress mode analytics white label embed screenshot

Check out all of the documentation for getting started, here. Or to learn more, request a demo with one of our product specialists.

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