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Now Live: Data Freshness Integration With dbt

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James Locus, Senior Product Marketing Manager

April 12, 2021

2 minute read

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Today, we’re launching our data freshness integration with dbt to surface timestamp and origin information into Mode’s reports. The feature builds trust around insights and promotes transparent data provenance.

See how it works:

Business users encounter problems of data freshness

One of the challenges business users encounter on data-intensive investigations is ensuring that insights come from recent, relevant data sources.

Unfortunately, business users often don’t have the necessary data transparency to be able to answer that question on their own, requiring support from data analysts. This puts analysts at risk for spending sizable portions of their day answering questions about if the information has gone stale.

Introducing our data freshness integration with dbt

To address the issue, Mode is integrating with Fishtown’s dbt platform—a leader in bringing data transformation tools into the hands of SQL users everywhere. The integration uses dbt’s Metadata API to pull timestamp information about a datasource into Mode’s reports.

The goal of the release is to build trust around insights and promote transparent data provenance.


Report viewers can see when source data was last refreshed for the Report, in addition to other Report activity.


Detailed View: Report viewers can see when source data was last refreshed for each table in the Report, along with the name of the source in dbt.

“The Mode/dbt integration makes it easy to build trust with your stakeholders by bringing information about data freshness directly into all of your reports.

By parsing the queries themselves, it’s always up to date and instantly applicable to every report without any manual upkeep which is great for scalability”

— Joel Labes, Education Perfect, Head of Data and Insights

Stop using stale data

The integration provides users more clarity on the health of their data pipeline. Access to the information allows users to stop worrying about if their data has already rotted on the vine and improves their trust in business intelligence tools throughout the organization.

The first step to a broader dbt + Mode partnership

The combination of Mode and Fishtown’s dbt creates an optimal work environment for analysts focused on improving their workflow. Taken together, they create an ecosystem powered by innovation and driven by the ingenuity of the individual analyst.

The partnership represents the ideal of a modular modern data stack: well-connected, best-of-breed tools working together to create a powerful cloud-based analytics ecosystem.

We look forward to our future collaboration as we work toward creating products designed to make your workflows more efficient.

Download our step-by-step instruction guide to integrate Mode with dbt. Mode + dbt integration guide

For more information about dbt and Mode’s integration, please visit our support page or our integration page.

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