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Query Your S3 Data with Amazon Athena and Mode

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Angeline Char, Product Marketing

October 26, 2017

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Connect Mode to Amazon Athena to explore data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). An interactive query service that leverages SQL, Amazon Athena is serverless and makes querying unstructured, semi-structured or structured data simple, and super fast. No matter what state your data is in, with Athena and Mode, anyone who knows SQL can easily start analyzing data in minutes.

Stephen Blum, CTO and Co-Founder of PubNub, says, “We collect petabytes of monthly device transactions and store in S3. We use Mode to query Amazon Athena to provide device telemetry. What makes Mode special to PubNub is the ability to customize BI dashboards to discover new value in our data using Mode's easy to manipulate visualizations. Mode has made it easy for us to share these dashboards with other teams allowing us to best serve our customers faster as each team can generate the report without asking for help from engineering.”

With Athena and Mode, there are no complex ETL processes, just a direct connection to S3. If you have complex queries or large datasets in S3, that's no problem. Athena scales automatically by executing queries in parallel to get results in seconds. This makes it simple to do ad-hoc analysis to answer simple questions, or more complex analysis that contain large joins, for example. Athena also supports datasets in a variety of formats including CSV, JSON, ORC, Avro and Parquet.

How to Set Up Athena

Connect Amazon Athena as easily as any other database.

Sign into Mode and on the left sidebar, select “Connect a database”. Select Amazon Athena from the list of databases, and fill out your credentials to get connected. And that's that!

Connect Amazon Athena and Mode

With Athena and Mode, query data directly where it lives to create beautiful dashboards, interactive charts, and deliver information to the rest of your organization — fast.

Check out our guide on Connecting to Amazon Athena.

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