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1,000,000x Improvement to Your Data Application Stack with the Switch Framework

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Paul Thurlow, Director of Engineering

August 19, 2019

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Example query with formulas - 1000000x

Josh Ferguson, Cofounder and Chief Architect at Mode, recently gave a talk at Data Council introducing our framework for building data applications called Switch. The talk can be accessed here.

Data teams need to develop a wide variety of custom data applications for business users across the organization. Building these applications is time consuming and error prone primarily because there isn’t a common approach to data modeling, querying, and processing that is flexible enough to meet the demands of the business. Switch is a framework that provides data teams with a common foundation for their data applications.

Example query with formulas It includes an expressive formula language for business users along with a powerful query language for developers. It works with existing relational databases to deliver scalable data processing and comes out-of-the-box with several database adapters. Adopting Switch helps data teams to deliver more value to their organizations faster. The talk explains the vision, concepts, and components of the project as well as shows off some of the ways we are using it in our products today. The talk also introduces a tool we have been developing internally at Mode and are now very excited to talk about publicly. It lays out the foundations that the framework is built around and how we think about data modeling and building user interfaces on top of them. It shares the development roadmap and our plans for releasing it to the open source community.

We will have more updates about the Switch framework in the future so stay tuned! If you are interested in working on Switch and tackling other interesting data visualization challenges, please visit our careers page.

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