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The Mode team is made up of analysts, communicators, engineers, connectors, and builders. We come from all kinds of places and perspectives and work together to make our product—and our community—the best they can be.

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The leadership team ensures that Mode is on the path to fulfill our core goals—addressing our customers' needs, advocating for our values and creating a great place to work.

Data Science

Mode's data science team is the source of truth about our product and business. They use Mode to dive into questions across our business and collaborate with our customers to help them get the most out of our product.


The design team owns the look and feel of Mode's product and brand. From user research to producing the perfect illustrations, the design team makes sure that Mode is user-friendly, cohesive and delightful.


Mode's engineering team puts product vision into action, tackling technical challenges with creativity, diligence, pragmatism, and a healthy sense of humor.


Mode’s marketing team brings our story to life—and constantly expands its audience—as storytellers, quantitative thinkers, brand builders, and creatives.


The operations team combines analytical and strategic thinking to help everyone at Mode make better, data-driven decisions and ensure a sound financial future. We complement and support all departments at Mode across a number of critical areas, including: finance, accounting, and sales operations.


From filling our team with thoughtful, empathetic colleagues, to making sure that Mode is an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone who enters, the People team is all about ensuring that we are caring for our greatest asset—our employees.


Mode's product team is responsible for ensuring that we deliver the best possible experience to our customers—technical flexibility for power users and simplicity for others—while driving toward larger business goals.


Our sales team shares their excitement about Mode's platform with new and existing customers. From hunting for new deals to deepening existing relationships, they are always on the front lines.


Mode's support team is committed to ensuring that our customers get the answers they need, when they need them. This means building out clear, relevant documentation, manning the chat and phone-lines, and going above and beyond to make sure that Mode's customer experience is top-notch.

  • Abby Edwards

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Alexa Guerra

    Director of Demand Generation

  • Alli Cernoch

    Software Engineer

  • Amber Zeise

    Recruiting Coordinator

  • Anthony Daniell

    Senior Product Manager

  • Anthony Simone

    Software Engineer

  • Asha Hill

    Customer Support Manager

  • Austin Bell

    Account Manager

  • Bailey Douglass

    Director of People Operations

  • Benn Stancil

    Chief Analyst

  • Bindu Mohan

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Brian Libicki

    Senior Product Manager

  • Brynn Gitt

    Software Engineer

  • Chloe Follis

    Sales Development Representative

  • Chris Davis

    Manager - Account Management

  • Christin Price

    Strategic Finance and Operations Manager

  • Claire Dickson

    Employee Experience Manager

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Software Engineer

  • Danielle Skinner


  • Derek Steer


  • Dominic Kelly

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Franklin Clark

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Grant Miller

    Sales Development Representative

  • Han Wei

    Software Engineer

  • Heather Rivers


  • Helen Porter

    Executive Assistant

  • Hunter Havens

    Senior Account Executive

  • Hunter Henninger

    Sales Development Representative

  • James Youn

    Software Engineer

  • Jason Alafgani

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Jason Young

    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Jefferson Leard

    Software Engineer

  • Jesse Zackery

    Senior Product Designer

  • Jeuel Wilkerson

    Software Engineer

  • Jinyan Shen

    Customer Engineer

  • Joel Carron

    Data Scientist

  • John Wojciechowski

    Customer Engineer

  • Jon Krangel

    Director of Operations

  • Josee Smith

    People Operations Generalist

  • Josh Ferguson

    Chief Architect

  • Josh Susser

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Juliette Gil

    Customer Engineer

  • Kara Quine

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Kathryn Meade


  • Laurel Katz

    Director of Design

  • Lauren Pfeiffer


  • Leqi Long

    Senior Customer Engineer

  • Liam Hausmann

    Content Marketing Manager

  • Lindsay Hertz

    Software Engineer

  • Marco Rogers

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Matt Knopp

    Director of Infrastructure Engineering

  • Megan Hogan

    Recruiting Manager

  • Megan Kard

    Product Designer

  • Michael Stock-Matthews

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Mike De Carlo

    Product Manager

  • Mike Yoon

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Nan Yu

    VP Product

  • Nate Festinger

    Customer Engineer

  • Neha Hystad

    Product Manager

  • Nishi Patel

    Product Manager

  • Oliver Sanford

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Patrick Menzel

    DevOps Engineer

  • Paul Thurlow

    Director of Front-End Engineering

  • Punit Buch

    Frontend Engineering Manager

  • Rachele Gastelum

    Customer Analyst

  • Rafae Bhatti

    Director, Security and Compliance

  • Raffaele Gesulfo

    Senior Product Designer

  • Rebecca Sorensen

    Senior Product Designer

  • Richard Tu

    Account Executive

  • Roberto Salcido

    Senior Customer Analyst

  • Ryan Fogarty

    Senior Account Executive

  • Ryan Kennedy

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Sadavath Sharma

    Pre-Sales Data Analyst

  • Sam Ransohoff

    Sales Development Representative

  • Samantha Novak

    Senior Product Designer

  • Sandra Liu

    Account Manager

  • Shane Becker

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Stefanie Biaggi

    Recruiting Coordinator

  • Suhas Deshpande

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Tayler Mehit

    Associate Marketing Manager

  • Thomas Van Steyn

    Account Manager

  • Ushashi Chakraborty

    Backend Engineering Director

  • Vy Cu

    Software Engineer

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