Slack Integration | Mode

Slack Integration

Data that meets you where you already are.

With Mode and Slack, teams can access analytics like never before.

Instant Shares

Finish up exploratory analysis using SQL, Python, or R, then copy and paste into Slack to see previews unfurl in the context of your team's conversation.

Fresh Reports, Every Morning

Layer charts on top of queries that track KPIs, then use the scheduler to send a snapshot to a team's Slack channel or DM a co-worker on the regular.

Getting Started

After signing in to Mode, go to your Workspace's settings.
From the Slack settings page in Mode, click Add to Slack.
Click Share from a report to send updates to a Slack channel.

Query. Chart. Slack. Repeat.

Mode helps leading analytics teams ship data to teams throughout their business. Explore data with SQL. Build charts. Then share on Slack. A chart answers one question... and inspires three more.

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