Deliver analysis not dashboards

Analytical work doesn't start with an empty dashboard. Ask a question, ask many more, iterate and repeat.

The building blocks for great reporting

Mix and match the building blocks you need to present ad hoc analysis, build interactive dashboards, and host custom data visualizations.


Drag-and-drop charts

Text blocks

Notebook output

Big numbers


Pivot tables




HTML editor

Custom colors


Put the pieces together

While the possibilities are endless, these three common deliverables cover the basics.

Ad hoc reporting

Write up the ins-and-outs of your analysis of a problem, recommended actions, and predictions for the solution's impact.


Power interactive and TV-ready dashboards with SQL, Python, and R. Set schedules to keep the data fresh at all times.

Custom data visualizations

Host a custom data visualization, without worrying about propping up a web server, and the data pipeline to power it.

Take it further

Down-funnel A/B test reporting

  • notebook output cells
  • parameters
  • text blocks

Quickly switch between active tests and understand impacts on conversion actions deeper in the funnel than the test page itself.

Visualize cart sizes during the holiday rush

  • notebook output cells
  • HTML editor

Look back on your Black Friday sales and see how purchase flows worked across web and mobile.

SaaS success team customer health reports

  • filters
  • drag-and-drop charts
  • custom colors

Daisy-chain related reports together to let viewers click from high-level account health into data about individual users.

Marketing funnel dashboards

  • full screen
  • drag-and-drop charts
  • big numbers

Compile all the metrics your company needs to get complete visibility into your funnel.

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