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Seaborn is a Python visualization library for statistical plotting. It comes equipped with preset styles and color palettes so you can create complex, aesthetically pleasing charts with a few lines of code. It's designed to work with NumPy and pandas.) data structures and to support statistical tasks completed in SciPy and statsmodels.

Seaborn is built on top of Python's core visualization library matplotlib, but it's meant to serve as a complement, not a replacement. In most cases, you'll still use matplotlib for simple plotting, and you'll need a knowledge of matplotlib to tweak Seaborn's default plots.

Seaborn tutorials

Seaborn features

Visualizing the distribution of a dataset

  • Plotting univariate and bivariate distributions
  • Visualizing pairwise relationships

Creating a plot with a regression line

  • Fitting linear models
  • Exploring interactions between multiple variables

Plotting with categorical data

  • Plotting wide-form data
  • Making point plots, box plots, violin plots. , and categorical scatter plots

For examples of the visualizations you can create with Seaborn, see this gallery.

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