Roll up your sleeves and start analyzing with SQL

Easily explore your data warehouse and quickly write queries with autocomplete.

The Editor

Everything you need to analyze and deliver data
Schema browser

Explore your connected database to easily find tables and columns.

Auto complete

Insert tables and Definitions as you write your queries.

Query history

Access previous versions of queries and their results.

Advanced logic

Use Liquid to add loops, if statements, and other methods to your queries.

A better way to write SQL

Code isn't one giant file. Your analysis shouldn't be either. Mode created Definitions for commonly used logic. Think functions for SQL.

Get started fast

Definitions abstract away complex joins and deep database knowledge. Analysts can set logic once, and give business partners the confidence to pull the right data with simpler SELECT queries.

Expect change

As your business grows, analysis can quickly get out of date. When your schema changes just update the Definition, and the changes will get propagated to underlying reports.

Simple visual exploration directly from SQL

Chart types aplenty

Quickly swap between chart types to explore data visually, without the time-consuming step of exporting data.

Drag and drop

Mode's native chart builder lets you drag and drop fields directly from your query into the x- and y-axis, swapping between chart types as you go.

Brilliant colors

Choose between our curated color palettes, or create your own to keep reports on brand.

Start with SQL. Go anywhere.

Go from SQL query straight to advanced analysis in Python or R Notebooks or even a data visualization. No more jumping between applications.


Your query results are automatically piped to a pandas dataframe or R data.frame. Access your results in Mode's native Notebook with one click.


Choose between a variety of chart types and build a visualization directly from SQL query results.


Drop your analysis directly into a report and add text to provide context for what you've found.

A custom webpage

Edit HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly from Mode to create just about anything. You can even take advantage of visualization libraries like D3.

Analysis that's searchable and sharable

Every team's analytical work organized in one place. Take advantage of queries your team has already written or work together on a problem. Easily share one-off analysis with with teammates by sending the URL or set up schedules to send reports with the latest data, automatically.

Get started