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Mode for Early-Stage Startups

The intelligence you need to drive growth

Grow your startup without having to worry about outgrowing your analytics platform. Early-stage startups get all of Mode at 
a fraction of the price.

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Business Intelligence for everyone

Mode makes it easy for anyone to explore their company’s data, answer their own questions, build and share reports and dashboards—and more.

Start exploring in minutes

Mode removes the friction of long implementation processes followed by complex setups where it’s days before you see insights. Simply connect your database and you’re on your way—in minutes.

Analytics that grows with your business

Mode is the solution your future teams will love—analysts and business teams alike. Point solutions quickly fall short of providing analytical value, vetted insights,
 or technological architecture that scales.

Pricing that makes sense

As an early-stage startup you’re faced with a lot of pressure to make smart and efficient business decisions—which means you need a robust tool with startup pricing. Get all of Mode’s functionality at a price designed specifically for the stage you’re at.

Governance, meet flexibility


Reusable datasets

Build and maintain trusted, curated datasets to power every team's explorations, in record time.

Governed metrics

Define your most critical metrics in the dbt Semantic Layer and serve them up in Mode.

Visual data exploration

Use drag-and-drop tools to explore go-to data, right in your browser.

Interactive dashboards

Build dashboards that anyone can dive into when they've got a follow up question–no tickets required.

Inspire a deep dive, morning, noon, and night.


Drag-and-drop explorations

Let anyone click “Explore” to dive into a dashboard’s underlying data to find answers to follow up questions.

Powerful data visualizations

Build multi-faceted, multi-axis visuals, and present them side-by-side with advance analysis.

Custom themes

Import your organization’s colors and fonts so key metrics reporting is on brand


Set your reporting to run at scheduled times, so updated data is ready when people need it most.

No limits to the insights you can provide.


Python & R Notebooks

Analyze data with the support of 60+ of the world’s most popular R and Python libraries.

Curate and deliver output cells

Build dashboards powered by notebooks to provide instant access to advanced analytics.

No Dev Environment needed

Make it easier to get notebooks into everyone's hands.

Build internal tools to power business processes


Complete customization

Use HTML, CSS, Javascript, APIs, and custom themes to tailor your internal data tools to your team's needs.


Enable stakeholders to search and reframe data by their specific values.


Easily embed reports anywhere in your existing internal tools, making them completely yours.

Why our customers love us

We have an open philosophy when it comes to data. Mode allows all teams to find answers themselves. With Mode, we reduced time spent reporting on core metrics by 80%, all while also answering questions over 70% faster.

Anthony Palacio
Growth Analytics Manager

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ease of setup

Get started in 3 easy steps

From signup to workspace setup, Mode makes it easy to start
 seeing and sharing insights in no time.

1. Create a workspace

Creating a workspace allows you to securely share database connections and analysis with anyone in your business.

2. Connect your database

Mode can connect to all the most common databases, making it easy 
for you to get yours connected in minutes.

3. Empower self-serve

Provide verified, canonical datasets to teams throughout your business so they can start answering their own questions, instantly.

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